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KRM Internet Radio

KRM Internet radio is a Filipino radio station online base in Hawaii operated by KRM family, we are broadcasting live from our studio in Maui Hawaii serving the Filipino culture by playing Original Pilipino Music (OPM) and various genre 24/7 it is also a source of news & information about whats happening around the globe.
KRM Internet radio licence & Powered by Live365 & also a  registered member of (NADB) National Association of Digital Broadcasters & (RIUC) Internet Radio Uniform Callsign

KRM INTERNET RADIO is broadcasting 24/7 from the island of MAUI HAWAII since 2014, with a very diverse shows & programs providing news & information as well as entertainment. which includes requests & dedications, live singing & casual chats with live guests. All our shows are live and being fed through other social media platforms like FACEBOOK Live, YouTube, twitch & many more..& likewise the shows can be heard via Audio thru' our multitudes of internet directories & by our website We speak 3 languages in the show which is tagalog, ilokano, & English.

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